Book Marker

Nome artefatto: Book Marker

Tipologia di appartenenza:

Produttore: Everyday innovation

Designer: Everyday innovation

Anno e luogo di produzione (se reperibile):

 6.2 x 1.5 x 0.2 inches

Costo di produzione (se reperibile):
  Not specified.

Prezzo al pubblico/gratuità (se reperibile): 4.30 EUR

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When I want to mark a book I always put a paper in the page to mark, but with this it’s much better because the Bookmarker, witch is thinner than a human air, can mark books and never lose them because it has nifty strap that wraps around my book, can write and erase with the pen and can have post tits. With this I never lose my place again, and never lose my bookmark.

3) indicare tre aggettivi che caratterizzano l’artefatto

Innovative, Multifunctional, Practical

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Thinner, Intelligent.

This artifact its composed by tree peaces the principal, witch has the post tits and the pen, the nifty strap to put around the book when the bookmarker is inside the book, and the post tits to put inside the principal part. The post tits are a movable part. This artifact is all in plastic, unless the nifty strap, so to have the form that the maker has to be used, has a technique for producing the molding. The bookmarker it’s assembled to the nifty strap by a node on the point of the bookmarker, and the post tits are pasted in the spot made for them in the bookmarker. Because it’s made in plastic this object is recycling.


Qualità espressivo/sensoriali

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Simple, Normal.

The Bookmarker is an object in plastic but it has parts that aren’t, like the nifty strap, which is an elastic, and the post tits, witch are paper. This object is projected to be in contact with a person always but it can have two functions, can write or simply can be used to mark some book when the person stops to read, so its always projected for a person but it is an multifunction object. I think that the color of the object is very simple, normal and soft. The object is very thin, ergonomic and light because this object is done in plastic.

Qualità funzionali

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Practical, Multifunctional.

This object has a lot of functions but the main function is to mark books, but he has also post tits to glue on the books and he has a pen that writes and erases. I think that the form of this objected speaks for it self, in other words I think that by the form you know that the object is a bookmarker and that it has post its, and a pen, because it is very clear. I also think that the form is adaptable to the hand and the material, witch is plastic, is soft and light, so that makes the artifact very comfortable and easy to grab and write. In my opinion this object is used to complement something, because you only use him when you are reading something so you can write on the book, or put the post tits, or mark the book. So to use this bookmarker a book is always needed.

The positive aspects oh this artifact are that is a multifunctional object and because it is very light and ergonomic to write.

The object can modify the book if the person writes on the book, but if the person only uses the Bookmarker as a bookmarker, he doesn’t modify the book because the object is very thin to spoil the book.