Nome contesto: Parrucchiere

Tipologia: Hairdresser Lena in Sagres, Portugal

Declinazione specifica: Inside the hair salon in the main room.

CATEGORIA               c) contesti neutro

1) Almeno 3 immagini

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2) Descrivere il contesto nelle sue variabili ambientali (spaziali, dimensionali, di luce), di organizzazione   (500 parole max)

I have an appointment at the hairdresser in the late afternoon, I arrive to the saloon and I sit on a couch waiting. I grab a magazine and start reading to pass the time. The room it’s full, for its size, about 7 people, it’s a small saloon with two employees, the hairdresser and the assistant. The environment is moderate, neither too busy nor too quiet, the hairdresser is cuting the hair of a lady calmly talking to her at the same time, while the assistant washes the hair of a young girl, the phone rings from time to time for appointments, the sun beating on the windows heats up the small room, nice on cold winter days but uncomfortable during the summer, this time of the afternoon was not too hot. The walls are filled with posters of models, calendars, some shelves with hair products for sale as well as varnish and some makeup. The floor tile is navy blue and is dirty and full of hair. The room has two areas for cutting, two sinks for washing hair and an industrial dryer about 4 chairs plus a chair and a sofa for those who are waiting their turn, next to the sofa is a basket with magazines. There is also a small alcove on the right side of the room to the left hand side of the waxing and a bathroom and a pantry. People chat with each other, it’s a hair saloon located in a small town and most people know each other.

3) indicare tre aggettivi che caratterizzano il contesto

Small, uncomfortable, basic

4) Individuare e descrivere le seguenti caratteristiche del contesto.

1. Dove è localizzato?

This space is located in Sagres, near the market.

2. E’ un luogo fisso o mobile?

In a fixed point.

3. E’ pubblico o privato/domestico?

In a public place.

4. All’aperto o al chiuso/interno?

It’s interior.

5. E’ accessibile in modo libero o codificato? (dettagliare 200 battute).

The access to this space is encoded, it is necessary to do an appointment, the reading is free to those who are waiting for their turn.

6. E’ uno luogo specializzato funzionalmente in termini univoci (mono funzione-uso) o dagli usi multipli (funzioni-uso primarie e secondarie) o non specificati (funzioni-uso accessorie, potenziali o improprie)? (dettagliare 200 battute)

This establishment’s main function is to take care of the body and hair, reading in this case is secondary because it is used only as a way to pass the time until our turn comes.

7. Quali sono i tempi di accessibilità dello spazio/contesto? (dettagliare 200 battute)

It is a place of easy access to the residents of the town because they can travel by car and foot, poor access to those from outside the city, they can only reach the place by car or bus, one each hour.

8. E’ uno spazio strutturato/codificato o non strutturato/informale? (dettagliare 200 battute)

It is a structured space as it is public access, possesses all the characteristics and materials needed for a hair salon with this scale.

9. E’ attrezzato o equipaggiato rispetto alla sua eventuale funzione/i? Con che elementi (naturali o) dotazioni e dispositivi? (dettagliare 200 battute)

It is equipped with all the necessary elements for the exercise of their functions taking into account the size and capability of the establishment such as: An area for washing hair, cutting area, cutting materials, dryers, beauty products, an area of ​​aesthetics, bathroom, among others.

10. Lo spazio viene fruito individualmente o in più persone? Quante? (dettagliare 200 battute)

The area is frequented by some people during the day about 30, all by appointment because it is a limited local in space and number of employees.

11. Quali sono i ruoli dei vari attori all’interno dello spazio (codificati, non codificati)? Che azioni svolgono? (dettagliare 200 battute)

In this space, the actors are directed primarily to the main room because it is where you enter, sit on the couch, while waiting for their turn they can read a magazine / book, afterwards they go to the room where the waxing is done or to the washing area and than cuting area, all within the same small room, you can also paint youre hair, dry it, amount others. The behavior of actors is coded and schematic.

12. Quali azioni relative al libro/lettura vi si possono svolgere (trasportare, leggere, comprare)? (dettagliare 200 battute)

In the hairdressing reading serves as a way to pass time while waiting, the wait is short so the reading is also brief.

13. Qual è azione principale relativa al libro/lettura che vi si svolge (o per la quale è pensato, progettato, strutturato…)?

In this case the book is designed only for entertainment and to pass the time while you wait for our turn.

14. Quali altre azioni (non relative al libro/lettura) vi si possono svolgere? (dettagliare 200 battute)

Apart from reading it is possible to cut the hair, dry, stretch, do almost all kinds of actions related to the aesthetics as well as talk, listen to music, watch TV, among others.

15. Come si muovono/comportano le persone all’interno dello spazio? (liberamente, secondo procedure/percorsi/azioni/obiettivi.. etc) (dettagliare 200 battute)

People move in space with some routine as the first step is to enter the facility, then sit waiting, then get up to wash your hair, then cut and then dry for example.

16. Quali sono le modalità temporali di utilizzo dello spazio (durata, momento della giornata etc)? (dettagliare 200 battute)

This establishment is open to the public from 10 am to 6 / 7 pm, with lunch break and closes once a week. During the opening time people remain in the establishment only when they are marking or to make an appointment, when the service is ended, they pay and go out to make room for others.

17. Gli attori possono modificare lo spazio? Come? Con che ruoli? Temporaneamente? Permanentemente? Attraverso quali azioni, dotazioni etc? (dettagliare 200 battute)

No actors can not change the space.

18. Quali sono gli aspetti positivi (relativi al libro/lettura e non) di questo contesto? E quelli negativi?

The positives are the ability to pass the time while waiting. For negative reading in this establishment is not very comfortable or pleasant due to factors such as noise, lack of comfort, lack of space, among others.

19. Come questo contesto potrebbero essere migliorato, reso più idoneo, più funzionale, più efficace ad usi relativi al libro/lettura?

The situation could be improved if the room was remodeled and enlarged, also if the seats were larger and more comfortable, because only three people can fit too tight in them and also if the sound were more stuffy, for example television should not be always turned on or should be on another area, you can isolate the unwanted noise putting your own music (head-phones) or earplugs.