Marker-Fool Pen

Nome artefatto: Marker-Fool Pen

Tipologia di appartenenza:

Produttore: Not specified.

Designer: Hai-Ling Zhong

Anno e luogo di produzione (se reperibile):

 24 x 120 x 24 mm

Costo di produzione (se reperibile):
  Not specified.

Prezzo al pubblico/gratuità (se reperibile): It’s not on sale yet.

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When I’m reading a book I always underlining words or phrases and the Markerfool is basically a portable color printer that is designed to provide a wide range of colors which helps me to understand better the underlining and I don’t have to have more markers. The gadget has a touch screen display that shows the right color for me to use, so I can do the color that I want without having more markers but just having one.

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Innovation, Smart, Practical

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Uncomfortable, Functional.

This artifact is composed by a lot of peaces, in the exterior he has the pen cap and the principal body witch is composed by a touch screen and in the interior it has all the electronically part. The electronically part has tree devices that allows the marker to do colors, that are the rechargeable batteries, the color transform chip and the CMYK ink box, that is filled with four basic colors. This marker is composed by tree geometric primitive parts two rectangles twitch one his cute in one point, and a square, which it’s cut in one of the points to. This object has a pen cap, which is a square, and movable part and it is connected to the main body by fitting. This artifact is all in plastic, unless the touch screen, so to have the form that the maker has to be used, has a technique for producing the molding. Because it’s made in plastic this object is recycling.

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Clean, Light.

This artifact it’s composed by to different materials that are the plastic, witch is in the main body and in the cap pen, and the glass, which is in the touch screen. This object is used only when he is in contact with a person because it is a marker and to write he needs a person, so he was projected for persons. I think that the white and the black are two colors very clean, simply and practical because this colors look good with everything and because it has the touch screen in black, we can understand the different parts that composed the artifact. The chosen material it’s very good for a marker because it’s very light, soft and practical.

Qualità funzionali

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Innovation, Smart.

This artifact has two main function witch is underline words or phrases or do drawings in papers to experience the color and that is very important when I’m studying or simply reading a book or simply drawing, but this artifact it’s always used to complement an action. I think that the form of this objected doesn’t look like a marker at all, it looks like a USB disk and to understand how this works its very hard to understand, you always have to have instructions to learn how that works. In my opinion the form of the marker doesn’t look very comfortable to the hand because it’s very square and should be more round. This artifact is mainly used when we are in contact with the reading because his main function is too complementary a reading of any book (studying book, book to entertain or magazines), so this artifact his for individual use.

The positive aspects are that it’s a marker very practical because you only have to have one marker because he has every color you need and because of the chosen material that is very light and soft. The negative aspects are the form of the marker because I think that is not very ergonomic. I think that the artifact could be improved if the form was more round to be more ergonomic.

This object it’s made to change books in a reversible way because the marker servers to underline words or phrases or to draw something in papers so we cant erase what as been written.