Vetrineta (1)

Nome artefatto: Vetrina anta singola – CS/580W-15P Station
Tipologia di appartenenza: Living area furniture
Produttore: Calligaris
Designer: Stefano Cavazzana
Anno e luogo di produzione (se reperibile):
Dimensioni: 53 x 42,5 x 178
Costo di produzione (se reperibile):
Prezzo al pubblico/gratuità (se reperibile): € 934

Individuare a quale categoria appartiene l’artefatto

a) Contenere / conservare o dopo la lettura

1)Almeno 3 immagini

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2)Descrivere l’artefatto nel momento del suo utilizzo/applicazione, , evidenziando in particolare l’aspetto più strettamente legato alla lettura (500 parole max)

This object can be used before or after reading, to keep a book or a set of books. It protects them from moisture and dust. Keeps the book safe, tidy and organized, even in sight, as this piece of furniture is mostly made of glass.

3) indicare tre aggettivi che caratterizzano l’artefatto

Straight, serious, cold.

4) Individuare e descrivere le seguenti caratteristiche dell’artefatto.

Qualità morfologiche

Rispondere in maniera discorsiva (max 500 parole) toccando i punti di seguito elencati, se rilevanti.

Indicare 2 tag che identifichino le qualità morfologiche dell’artefatto.

Rectangular and  with shelves

The object consists of several components. Sides, rear panel, four shelves and door with push-pull opening mechanism. The form refers to a rectangular parallelepiped. It comprises a moving part, the door hinges. The main components are assembled with a system of grooves. The object can be assembled and disassembled as often as we want. The object is not recyclable, but is reusable. He has a long duration.
Qualità espressivo/sensoriali

(rispondere in maniera discorsiva, max 500 parole, toccando i punti di seguito elencati, se rilevanti)

Indicare 2 tag che identifichino le qualità espressivo/sensoriali dell’artefatto.

Fragile and visible

The object is made of various materials. They are lacquers glossy white, veneer walnut and veneer oak wenge stained. Parties who wish to contact the user are the door and shelves. The colors transmit light, safety and comfort. The materials convey fragility, visibility and beauty.

Qualità funzionali

(rispondere in maniera discorsiva, max 500 parole, toccando i punti di seguito elencati, se rilevanti)

Indicare 2 tag che identifichino le qualità funzionali dell’artefatto.

Protect and see

Its main function is to protect objects keeping them inside. The artifact allows objects to be protected and organized inside. The use of this subject is easy and intuitive. This artifact comes into relation with reading books as a support, before and after reading.You need to get to it first, to access the book, and consequently reading. It is used by a person individually and alone. Can be replaced by a shelf, although the shelf only supports the book, doesn’t protect it. Most of the components of this object are glass, so that the misuse of this object will be not have care with the material. The main objective of this variant is that to be an old object, hard to find in stores and still tries to maintain a contemporary aesthetic. It is used in particular. Its use only lasts a few minutes. The positive aspects are – that is designed in vertical to save space, protects objects inside, lets see the inside. The negatives are – is an object that is somewhat frozen in time and isn’t very practical, because we must always open and close the glass door. This artifact can be improved if it had other materials and shapes.

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