Upstanding Retractable Markers

Nome artefatto: Upstanding Retractable Markers

Tipologia di appartenenza:

Produttore: Phaidon

Designer: Doron Livne

Anno e luogo di produzione (se reperibile):

 10 x 2 cm

Costo di produzione (se reperibile):
  Not specified.

Prezzo al pubblico/gratuità (se reperibile): It’s not on sale yet.

c) Artefatto complementare alla lettura

Individuare a quale categoria appartiene l’artefatto

1)Almeno 3 immagini

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2)Descrivere l’artefatto nel momento del suo utilizzo/applicazione, , evidenziando in particolare l’aspetto più strettamente legato alla lettura (500 parole max)

When I’m reading a book I always underlining words or phrases and this marker, that is similar to Weeble Wobbles, can stand up on their own, or struggle to make themselves upright so I would never have to look for a pen in a hurry because is always standing up and that help me to find it more quickly. Besides, the sketch marker also has a retractable nib, which reduced the chances of leaking nibs.

3) indicare tre aggettivi che caratterizzano l’artefatto

Economic, Smart, Practical.

4) Individuare e descrivere le seguenti caratteristiche dell’artefatto.m

Qualità morfologiche

Rispondere in maniera discorsiva (max 500 parole) toccando i punti di seguito elencati, se rilevanti.

Indicare 2 tag che identifichino le qualità morfologiche dell’artefatto.

Ergonomic, Smart.

This artifact is an only peace this means that this doesn’t has any peaces attach to him, like a pen lid or something like that. This artifact is done by components techniques because it as a round shape and the material, which is plastic, that need proper techniques, like molding techniques or extrusion technique. Because this artifact its an plastic object it is recycling.

Qualità espressivo/sensoriali

(rispondere in maniera discorsiva, max 500 parole, toccando i punti di seguito elencati, se rilevanti)

Indicare 2 tag che identifichino le qualità espressivo/sensoriali dell’artefatto.

Appellative, Practical.

This artifact is composed by only one material, which is plastic, but the retractable nib isn’t made from plastic. This marker is used to be in contact with a person because the artifact can only function if someone grabs him and write with him, so the object that is an only part is projected to be in contact with someone. I think that this artifact in color level is neutral, because the gray black it’s a color that stays good with everything, is simplify, because of the shape, and practical, because itch marker as a line with color indicating the color that they write. The tree adjective that more describes the material of the artifact is the comfort, the lightness and for being a practical material, in other words not very expensive and for being easy to do the form you want.

Qualità funzionali

(rispondere in maniera discorsiva, max 500 parole, toccando i punti di seguito elencati, se rilevanti)

Indicare 2 tag che identifichino le qualità funzionali dell’artefatto.

Simple, Useful.

This artifact as has its main function underline words or phrases that are important when you are studying or simply reading a book, but this artifact it’s always used to complement an action.

It can have other function like if you ever get bored, you can always flick it and watch as it struggles to make itself upright. I think that the form of this objected speaks for it self, in other words I think that by the form you know that the object is a marker, because is very clear. I also think that the form is adaptable to the hand and the material, witch is plastic, is soft and light, so that makes the artifact very comfortable and easy to grab and write.

This artifact is mainly used when we are in contact with the reading because his main function is too complementary a reading of any book (studying book, book to entertain or magazines), so this artifact his for individual use.

The positive aspects of this artifact are that it has a practical and ergonomic shape, which made it comfortable and light, because it is always standing up is easier to find the marker and because it as an retractable nib, witch make it more economic and more easier to find. The negative aspects are that because it don’t have cap the nib can’t get dirty. This artifact would be improved if there were something that covers the nib and was attach to the marker.

This object it’s made to change books in a reversible way because the marker servers to underline words or phrases so we cant erase what as been written.

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