Constrained Ball

Nome artefatto: Constrained Ball
Tipologia di appartenenza: Drawing aid
Produttore: Giha Woo
Designer: Giha Woo
Anno e luogo di produzione (se reperibile): 2010
Dimensioni: Non specified
Costo di produzione (se reperibile): Non specified
Prezzo al pubblico/gratuità (se reperibile): Non specified

Individuare a quale categoria appartiene l’artefatto

b) to be used during reading.

1)Almeno 3 immagini

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2)Descrivere l’artefatto nel momento del suo utilizzo/applicazione, evidenziando in particolare l’aspetto più strettamente legato alla lettura (500 parole max)

While we’re reading or studying and we need to underline something, we use a normal, pen or pencil, most of the times when you don’t have a precise hand the lines are winding so it doesn’t look very nice. This device helps to draw straight lines without using a ruler helping to move the ball in one direction only. First we attach the device to the pen, using the installed measuring wheel indicated on the product, we can draw the exact desired line length in both a horizontal and vertical direction, as well as strokes in 45 degree angles.

3) indicare tre aggettivi che caratterizzano l’artefatto

Practical, intelligent, useful

4) Individuare e descrivere le seguenti caratteristiche dell’artefatto.

Qualità morfologiche

Rispondere in maniera discorsiva (max 500 parole) toccando i punti di seguito elencati, se rilevanti.

Indicare 2 tag che identifichino le qualità morfologiche dell’artefatto. 

Rectangular and with a wheel

The Constrained Ball has more than one element, the support for the pen or pencil, the mounting area is made​with a flexible rubber material helping it adhere to the attached pen or pencil and the wheel. This masterpiece, which held the writing support is has also the display that measure the line. The wheel allows us to draw the exact line length both horizontal and vertical direction, as well as strokes in 45 degree angles. It’s an object with a moving part, the wheel, that allow us to move only in one way direction avoiding winding lines. The object is not recyclable.

Qualità espressivo/sensoriali

(rispondere in maniera discorsiva, max 500 parole, toccando i punti di seguito elencati, se rilevanti)

Indicare 2 tag che identifichino le qualità espressivo/sensoriali dell’artefatto.

Comfortable and simple

It has three different materials, plastic on the wheel and digital display, where flexible rubber holds the pen or pencil and metal in the structural element and the mating parts. The color causes security, reliability and functionality. The material is lightweight, safe and comfortable.

Qualità funzionali

(rispondere in maniera discorsiva, max 500 parole, toccando i punti di seguito elencati, se rilevanti)

Indicare 2 tag che identifichino le qualità funzionali dell’artefatto.

Practical and useful

The device is designed to run straight lines without effort and in a simple and practical way it performs multiple functions. The main function is to run straight lines (underline). The secondary is to be able to length lines in both horizontal and vertical directions, as well as strokes in 45 degrees angles. It is easy to use and comfortable as it overrides the effort of trying to make a straight line. The device comes into contact and is related to reading and the support because it is used to underline text, therefor, influence the reading in the sense that emphasizes aspects that were previously read, easing later to identify them, also alters the media (book, magazine …). It is used together with a book or a support to scratch, it can be used only per one person each time. This devise can be replaced by the ruler, it is a suitable replacement for the same result, though less practical. It’s made​for young (from more or less 10 years old) and old people, but it’s most indicated to adults and can be used in a private or public space. The time is unlimited, it depends in what we need to underline.The positive is that you can do strait lines in a quicker and comfortable way. The negative is that you lose control of the training of you’re hands to do strait lines.
This product could be improved if it were produced in several different colors, it would be a way to please everyone like certain age groups like children who are repeatedly stimulated by color and shape of objects. Eventually it could be created pieces with the colors of the various countries Flags however, the color of the device would lose simplicity and minimalism and will become visually tiring for most users.The devise it’s made to change the support, it could be reversible or irreversible. Reversible if you use the pencil without pressing the paper.


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