Toro Legno – Kitchen Organiser


Nome artefatto: Kitchen Bull
Tipologia di appartenenza: Kitchen Organizer
Produttore: Toro Legno

Dimensioni: 63cm L x 26 cm W x 31cm H

Prezzo al pubblico/gratuità (se reperibile): 199Euro

Individuare a quale categoria appartiene l’artefatto

a) Contenere / conservare
prima o dopo la lettura

1)Almeno 3 immagini

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2)Descrivere l’artefatto nel momento del suo utilizzo/applicazione, , evidenziando in particolare l’aspetto più strettamente legato alla lettura (500 parole max)

This artifact is used when the user is in the kitchen. Because this artifact acts as a kitchen organizer, it keeps all the elements of the kitchen in one portable location. Bit is useful as it can be moved around the kitchen to where ever seems most appropriate at the time. With regards to reading this product acts to provide quick and easy access to literature in the kitchen, whilst waiting for something to cook.

Unlike a shelf, this portable artifact means that I can be moved if it is in the way, yet it can still be easily accessed and kept in the kitchen as it reduces clutter and maximizes bench space.

3) indicare tre aggettivi che caratterizzano l’artefatto

integrated, portable, versatile

4) Individuare e descrivere le seguenti caratteristiche dell’artefatto.

Qualità morfologiche

Rispondere in maniera discorsiva (max 500 parole) toccando i punti di seguito elencati, se rilevanti.

The artefact has two pieces, the main part of the bull and the chopping board part that slides in. This does not have a primitive geometric shape, as it somewhat mimics the shape of a bull. However, it does employ primitive shapes for the cutout in which the books or other items can be stored. It is a static object that can have pieces removed and added. However it cannot be easily changed.

It is also made from renewable plantation pine wook which is formed into plywood, then cut and glued into this form. The main technique used for attaching the parts together is through the glueing of the cut plywood pieces together. This required the wood pieces to be clamped together whilst they dry. However, this artefact would be very difficult to disassemble after its life has ended. Although it wouldn’t be impossible, it could be chipped down and used for a variety of different recycled. Although it could be recycled, it is also reusable. It does not have to solely function as a kitchen organizer, but could exist in a number of contexts, such as in a workshop.

Indicare 2 tag che identifichino le qualità morfologiche dell’artefatto.

bull, wooden

Qualità espressivo/sensoriali

(rispondere in maniera discorsiva, max 500 parole, toccando i punti di seguito elencati, se rilevanti)

The artifact is made from two primary materials. It is firstly made from plantation pine plywood whilst having stainless steel features. There are a few parts in particular that are designed for you to interact with. Namely the chopping board part, as this has to be removed in order to be used. However, the overall form of the kitchen bull makes it fairly smooth and therefore would be able to be moved easily as all surfaces appear to be user friendly. It could easily harmoniously integrate into most kitchens as the form of a bull is fairly representation. This means that the forms are more simple.

c) Descrivi con 3 aggettivi le sensazioni veicolate dalla scelta del colore dell’artefatto

wooden, clean, striped

d) Descrivi con 3 aggettivi le sensazioni veicolate dalla scelta del materiale dell’artefatto

natural, recyclable, warming

Indicare 2 tag che identifichino le qualità espressivo/sensoriali dell’artefatto.

warm, natural

Qualità funzionali

(rispondere in maniera discorsiva, max 500 parole, toccando i punti di seguito elencati, se rilevanti)

Indicare 2 tag che identifichino le qualità funzionali dell’artefatto.

The artifact achieves it’s primary function of reducing clutter on bench surfaces in the kitchen, whilst allowing for easy access to kitchen utensils and reading material. This primary function of holding utensils and providing reading materials also enhanced by being portable. This compliments the first function as it means the object can be moved to more convenient places within the space, without removing it entirely.

The desired use is fairly clear however the chopping board appears to be slightly hidden. This may hinder the use of this artifact, however generally it appears that this would be a quickly discoverable aspect as there is not an overwhelming amount of features in this design. However, the use is easy and comfortable, which is made possible through the soft curves on all the surface of the kitchen bull.

It can be used by one person or by many people. There is the opportunity for one person to use the cooking elements whilst the others can read or access the stored literature at the same time. Although, this would probably be used by itself, as you have all the elements for cutting and preparing food in the kitchen bull already. Other objects could replace this, although the purpose of this is to collate these many various kitchen elements into a harmonious and space conscious design. However it would be very easy to use this artifact in alternate ways, as the shelf-like part would be able to accommodate many other kitchen element.

This artifact would most probably be produced by hand to ensure that the quality of the product is maintained. There is only one design, so there would be no opportunity for variation choices. It could be very easily used for the storage of other elements such as cooking ingredients, or in fact anything that you want to keep at arms length in the kitchen whilst at the same time off the bench surface.

It is made specifically for a kitchen context and whilst It could be used in public kitchens, it would most likely be used in a privated kitchen environment. This would be utilized for the time when you are cooking. Therefore it would probably be used multiple time a day, but for no longer than one hour at any one time.

The kitchen bull is quite good as it keeps everything together and keeps your kitchen utensils and reading material at close reach. Whilst It can easily be moved around, it also can be easily misappropriated. It is also large and uses a lot of material.

The artifact could be made to reachout to a greater range of people by exploring different materials and also different variations of the bull form. This would in turn make it more appropriate for a wider range of people and kitchen environments. The Kitchen Bull is designed to make the kitchen context more manageable. It is very easily reversible as it can simply be carried out of the kitchen if it is not desired.

Indicare 2 tag che identifichino le qualità funzionali dell’artefatto.

organise, portable

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