Sala di lettura

Nome contesto: Sala di lettura

Tipologia: Fnac store in the shopping center Colombo in Lisbon

Declinazione specifica: Reading room of the Fnac store.


CATEGORIA a) contesti propri

1) Almeno 3 immagini

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2) Descrivere il contesto nelle sue variabili ambientali (spaziali, dimensionali, di luce), di organizzazione   (500 parole max)

I go to the Fnac store in Colombo to buy a book. This shop is particularly large, has a large area for the technology, then the area of books divided into sections and fields of study (design, architecture, languages, travel,…), a coffee shop and a reading room, there are several numbers of information points in each section and also the zone to pay for purchases, about 7 boxes. I turn to the section that most interests me, I make a selection of books, it is easy to find books in all sections it is everything so well organized, I am undecided on what to take so I go to the reading room to view, read and do my decision. Fnac is a very crowded and busy shop, especially this one from Colombo however, the reading room is more welcoming because it is enclosed by wooden walls, open on the two oposite sides (rectangle-shaped room), the black sofas are comfortable, there’s no tables, the floor has a carpet, which makes the space more warm and welcoming, around me there are 5 or 6 people sitting and reading, this room has the capacity for about 15 people. The light is artificial and cames from the ceiling. It’s not like a library so the purpose is not to make a deep reading but a fast one instead, the intent of this room is to make the reader choose the book and to buy it.

3) indicare tre aggettivi che caratterizzano il contesto

Busy, friendly, practical


4) Individuare e descrivere le seguenti caratteristiche del contesto.

1. Dove è localizzato?

This space is located in Colombo shopping center in Lisbon, particularly within the Fnac store.

2. E’ un luogo fisso o mobile?

In a fixed point.

3. E’ pubblico o privato/domestico?

It is in a public place.

4. All’aperto o al chiuso/interno?

It’s interior.

5. E’ accessibile in modo libero o codificato? (dettagliare 200 battute).

The access to this reading room is free to the general public.

6. E’ uno luogo specializzato funzionalmente in termini univoci (mono funzione-uso) o dagli usi multipli (funzioni-uso primarie e secondarie) o non specificati (funzioni-uso accessorie, potenziali o improprie)? (dettagliare 200 battute)

This Store’s main function is the sale of books and electronic equipment (technology) as a secondary use we also have access to the reading room, a cafe in the center of the store and some concerts promoted by the store at specific dates.

7. Quali sono i tempi di accessibilità dello spazio/contesto? (dettagliare 200 battute)

It is a space with easy and good accessibility, it has many modes of transportation to the site during opening hours (metro, bus, taxi).

8. E’ uno spazio strutturato/codificato o non strutturato/informale? (dettagliare 200 battute)

It is a structured space once it is for public access, but informal.

9. E’ attrezzato o equipaggiato rispetto alla sua eventuale funzione/i? Con che elementi (naturali o) dotazioni e dispositivi? (dettagliare 200 battute)

It is equipped with all the elements necessary for the exercise of their functions such as: the purchase and related materials for displays, information points, cash registers and a reading room (an extra is because it is not something common in many bookstores ).

10. Lo spazio viene fruito individualmente o in più persone? Quante? (dettagliare 200 battute)

The area is frequented by hundreds of people every day as it is a public place located in a very prestigious shopping center.

11. Quali sono i ruoli dei vari attori all’interno dello spazio (codificati, non codificati)? Che azioni svolgono? (dettagliare 200 battute)

In this space, the actors are directed to different areas of the store acording to the type of book or product they want, the players spend their time, reading, chating, they can also go to the bar and drink a coffee, buy some books and other items in the store.

12. Quali azioni relative al libro/lettura vi si possono svolgere (trasportare, leggere, comprare)? (dettagliare 200 battute)

In the store you can buy and read books.

13. Qual è azione principale relativa al libro/lettura che vi si svolge (o per la quale è pensato, progettato, strutturato…)?

The main action about the book is buying it for that later can be read at home, this store was structured so that the book can also be read and consulted before the purchase in its reading room.

14. Quali altre azioni (non relative al libro/lettura) vi si possono svolgere? (dettagliare 200 battute)

Besides reading is possible in addition to shopping, relax, socialize, hold meetings, eat and drink and watch the artistic and cultural activities (concertes. ..).

15. Come si muovono/comportano le persone all’interno dello spazio? (liberamente, secondo procedure/percorsi/azioni/obiettivi.. etc) (dettagliare 200 battute)

People move in space acording with witch things they wish to purchase in the store (books, computers …) or acording to the desired service (coffee, concerts …). May be routine or not.

16. Quali sono le modalità temporali di utilizzo dello spazio (durata, momento della giornata etc)? (dettagliare 200 battute)

The shop is open to the public every day from 10 a.m to 00 a.m. During this period the people come and go and stay within the desired time, there is no limit within hours of opening.

17. Gli attori possono modificare lo spazio? Come? Con che ruoli? Temporaneamente? Permanentemente? Attraverso quali azioni, dotazioni etc? (dettagliare 200 battute)

Não os actores não podem mudar o espaço.

18. Quali sono gli aspetti positivi (relativi al libro/lettura e non) di questo contesto? E quelli negativi?

The positives are the ability to buy and promote culture and entertainment. For negative the reading room can be unpleasant in the sense that we can be bothered by some movement and noise from the rest of the store, the fact that the room has no tables also becomes a little uncomfortable for those who want to see more than a book at the same time.

19. Come questo contesto potrebbero essere migliorato, reso più idoneo, più funzionale, più efficace ad usi relativi al libro/lettura?

The situation could be improved if the room was completely sealed, however there is no interest in it because the space would be used in a manner less favorable to the consumer and people would spend more time in the room taking space to other potential readers, the room could also be a little more spacious and contain a few tables to land the books instead of putting them on the next seat.


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