Parrucchiere – Barbiere


Nome contesto: Parrucchiera

Tipologia: Barbiere

Declinazione specifica: Recieving a shave

Individuare a quale categoria appartiene il contesto:

b) contesti neutri

1) Almeno 3 immagini

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2) Descrivere il contesto nelle sue variabili ambientali (spaziali, dimensionali, di luce), di organizzazione   (500 parole max)

In a hair dressers of barber, there is usually a very social atmosphere. Most commonly there is a radio or some form of media playing as a background noise. In addition to this the space is usually quite open, allowing the barber or the hairdresser to move around the space with relative ease.
In a hairdressers or barbers there is ample opportunity for reading. there is usually enough light to read and the type of literaturare usually magazines. Most commonly there are rows of swivel chairs ligned up facing the walls. There are mirrors on the walls that allow the customer to see what is happening, and also help the cutomer see the barber or hairdresser. This helps with communication and socialization. There is also usually a desk at the fornt for controlling the administration of the hairdressers, as well as a small waiting area for friends, family and the next customers.

3) indicare tre aggettivi che caratterizzano il contesto

noisy, busy, social

4) Individuare e descrivere le seguenti caratteristiche del contesto.

1.    Dove è localizzato?

In un parrchiere

2.    E’ un luogo fisso o mobile?

È un luogo fisso

3.    E’ pubblico o privato/domestico?

È pubblico

4.    All’aperto o al chiuso/interno?

È un contesto interno

5.    E’ accessibile in modo libero o codificato? (dettagliare 200 battute)

This is freely accessible although you may be required to book in order to use such services as a shave in order to facilitate some form of order in the hairdressers.

6.    E’ uno luogo specializzato funzionalmente in termini univoci (mono funzione-uso) o dagli usi multipli (funzioni-uso primarie e secondarie) o non specificati (funzioni-uso accessorie, potenziali o improprie)? (dettagliare 200 battute)

This place is inique in terms of it’s function both physically and socially. It is a place of changing or making people more beautiful and often involves discussion of what is and isn’t beautiful, as well as the discussion of current events in a non-personal conversational way.

7.    Quali sono i tempi di accessibilità dello spazio/contesto? (dettagliare 200 battute)

The time of access is most commonly during daylight hours from around 9am to 5om, as well as set in a specific studio that is often somewhat luxurious, clean and/or inviting. There is usually a requirement to make a booking, so access is actually limited if you do not take this step bifore arriving.

8.    E’ uno spazio strutturato/codificato o non
strutturato/informale? (dettagliare 200 battute)

It is a structured environment that is dictated by timed appolntments. It is a formal environment whereby you enter into an agreement to turn up to an appointment to recieve treatment and pay, whilst the hairdresser has the role of facilitatine you for the time of your appointment.

9.    E’ attrezzato o equipaggiato rispetto alla sua eventuale funzione/i? Con che elementi (naturali o) dotazioni e dispositivi? (dettagliare 200 battute)

It has equipped to carry out it’s specific task in particualr the hair steamer which is part of the context. There are other associated products such as tirmmers, scissors and many more, though in this context the barber, then the razor, brush and shaving foam are the most important. There is also a device for shapening the blade and the adjustable chair.

10.    Lo spazio viene fruito individualmente o in più persone? Quante? (dettagliare 200 battute)

The space is ususally quite full of people. Although there is the ability for the space to be void of people, usually this social space is fairly full with people probably number from 4 to 15 as a maximim.

11.    Quali sono i ruoli dei vari attori all’interno dello spazio (codificati, non codificati)? Che azioni svolgono? (dettagliare 200 battute)

There are two main types of actors in the space. There are the hairdressers who are administering the treatment and the customer who is pay for and using the treatment. The customer has no obligatory task apart from remainging still while the treatment takes place, whilst the hairdresser has the task of ensuring that the treatment goes ahead as planned.

12.    Quali azioni relative al libro/lettura vi si possono svolgere (trasportare, leggere, comprare)? (dettagliare 200 battute)

In this instance books or media material are used to pass the time or to stimulate conversation. Often you do not have to bring reading material as it is usually supplied, although you can do so if you want. You also do not have to buy the reading material as it is a service that is provided by the hairdressers.

13.    Qual è azione principale relativa al libro/lettura che vi si svolge (o per la quale è pensato, progettato, strutturato…)?

The primary action on the book is it being read. It is not planned although it is an informal structure whereby customers expect to read during the shave as it takes a bit of time remaining in the same place to recieve the treatment.

14.    Quali altre azioni (non relative al libro/lettura) vi si possono svolgere? (dettagliare 200 battute)

Other possible actions would be socializing with other people or otherwise being entertained by other forms of media such as television. Other than these you would be fairly limited to pass the time in other ways.

15.    Come si muovono/comportano le persone all’interno dello spazio? (liberamente, secondo procedure/percorsi/azioni/obiettivi.. etc) (dettagliare 200 battute)

In this situation you are fixed in a point due to the need for the barber to shave your face. The barbers are free to move around the space, although for the most part the customers do very little moving around the space after they are seated.

16.    Quali sono le modalità temporali di utilizzo dello spazio (durata, momento della giornata etc)? (dettagliare 200 battute)

The time that the space is used for by a customer would be between 20 minutes to just over one hour. It ususally happens during office hours and happens by appointment hours

17.    Gli attori possono modificare lo spazio? Come? Con che ruoli? Temporaneamente? Permanentemente? Attraverso quali azioni, dotazioni etc? (dettagliare 200 battute)

The actors can change the space. During the treatement there is the indirect acting onto the space whereby there is waste produced by the customers in the form of hair trimmings, used water and hair products. Although these would all be temporary influences that could be changed easily through cleaning.

18.    Quali sono gli aspetti positivi (relativi al libro/lettura e non) di questo contesto? E quelli negativi?

Positive: reading can pass the time, it is a good way to stimulate conversation. There is enough time to enjoy a large section of the book or other form of media

Negative: In this context there is a high chance that the book will be exposed to products, water and hair clippings, so there is a large chance to damage or permanently change the book.

19.    Come questo contesto potrebbero essere migliorato, reso più idoneo, più funzionale, più efficace ad usi relativi al libro/lettura?

This context could be improved for reading if the type of book or magazine that was being read enhanced both the social ascpect of this place, whilst also keeping the attention of the customer/reader so that time passes by quickly.

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