Riciclare – Festa di scambio libri



Nome azione: Riciclare

Declinazione specifica: Festa di scambio libri

Individuare a quale categoria appartiene l’azione

c) Azioni contestuali alla lettura:

 1)Almeno 3 immagini



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2)Descrivere l’azione come se si stesse narrando uno storybord (200 parole max)

– Invite friends/family who enjoy reading

– Ask people to bring books to swap

– On the day place books anonymously on the table

– Everyone looks at books at the same time and puts them into a bag when they decide

– Discuss with the group what happens with the left over books

-They can be given back to the original owners, or possibly donated to a charity that accepts books

3) indicare tre aggettivi che caratterizzano l’azione


4) Individuare le seguenti caratteristiche.


a)            Coinvolge 1, 2 o più persone? (dettagliare 200 battute)

This activity would involve several people, as it would bea b social event that would be aimed at swapping books amongst friends. Therefore, it would necessarily include several people.

b)            Richiede un oggetto per compierla? Quale? Come si usa?

Associalted objects would probably be wrapping paper to re-gift the unwanted presents.

c)            Si svolge in pubblico o in privato?

This would be done most likely in the private of a home although it could also be done in a public space such as a park. Although the main thing is that this acitivity would be done where there would be a large amount of tranqulity due to the destre for this activity to be the dominant one in a given area.

d)            Quanto tempo richiede?

This would most likely bea n affair for an hour or two. Although this activity would probably be used as an excuse for prolongued interaction and socialisation.

e)            È una azione site specifica? In quale contesto si svolge?

This would most likely be carried out in a quiet place such as a home or in a park where outside noise and interferences can be kept to a minimum

f)            Richiede una competenza specifica? Quale?

No skills are necessary

g)            È un’azione legale o illegale?

The action usually legal. The only way that it could become illegali s that if there was inappropriate material that was been traded to the wrong person.

h)            Come la lettura o il supporto (libro/rivista…) entrano in relazione  con l’azione? La coadiuvano,  la influenzano, la condizionano, la limitano,  la ostacolano… etc. ? (dettagliare 200 battute)

There would most likely be novels or special interest books. These are often vague gifts given to either ‘stuff stockings’ or to try and cater to a hoby of the reciever.

i)            Quali sono gli aspetti positivi di questa azione? E quelli negativi?

Postives: social, get a new book, get to catch up with friends

Negatives: might end up with a bad book, it may not be a fair trade, it may create tension between friends by two people want the same book.

j)            Come questa azione potrebbe essere migliorata, resa più facile, più piacevole, più efficace?

This activity could be improved or made easier by making the owners of the original books more anonomyous. This would in turn make it easier to depart from unwanted books, and feel better about gettino something different.

k)            E’ un azione finalizzata ad un risultato? Quale?

It is an action with a desired result. The action intends on achieving you a new book, whilst having an enjoyable time with friends.

l)            E’ un azine che implica un coinvolgimento emotivo?

This could be an emotional activity as it may make re-giving a book difficult as there may have been sincerity from the original giver. This may cause problem with detatching yourself from the book as the original “giver’s” good intention goes to waste.

m)            L’azione modifica il supporto? In modo reversibile o irreversibile?

The action would not reversable as it would be final due to the nature of trying to swap an unwated book with friends for another book, that may be more worthwhile to read.


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