Riciclaggio – Fare un organizer personale


Nome azione: Riciclaggio

Declinazione specifica: Fare un organizer personale

Individuare a quale categoria appartiene l’azione

 b) Azioni che si compiono con/sull’artefatto per la lettura:    

1)Almeno 3 immagini

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2)Descrivere l’azione come se si stesse narrando uno storybord (200 parole max)

– Measure the objects that you want to store in an unwanted book

– Glue all the pages together

– Press the book shut and leave the glue to dry

– When dry, make out the dimensions of the objects that you would like to store in the book

– Cut out the marked area

– Glue the inside of the pages together

– Tie a string around the outside to keep the contents inside

3) indicare tre aggettivi che caratterizzano l’azione


4) Individuare le seguenti caratteristiche.


a)            Coinvolge 1, 2 o più persone? (dettagliare 200 battute)

This activity would involve only involve one person. Although there is a possibility to have more people participate in this activity. However, the book would be changed to include artefacts specific to the user and therefore would be person specific.

b)            Richiede un oggetto per compierla? Quale? Come si usa?

In this process there would be the use of glues, cutting objects, rulers and other measuring devices.

c)            Si svolge in pubblico o in privato?

This would be done in private, as you would need a controlled environment to be able to carry out the alterations to the book in a precise and controlled manner.

d)            Quanto tempo richiede?

For this activity there would probably need to be two to four hours put aside to achieve the intended end result of a book personal organizer.

e)            È una azione site specifica? In quale contesto si svolge?

This action would be specific to an indoor and workshop-like environment.

f)            Richiede una competenza specifica? Quale?

You would need toh ave good fine motor skills in order to make the precise cuts needed to turn the book into a personal organizer. Otherwise the intended end result possibly will not be achieved.

g)            È un’azione legale o illegale?

Depending on the book and the country, though it there is a chance that the modification of a book could be illegal. Though in this context and at this time it would not be.

h)            Come la lettura o il supporto (libro/rivista…) entrano in relazione  con l’azione? La coadiuvano,  la influenzano, la condizionano, la limitano,  la ostacolano… etc. ? (dettagliare 200 battute)

The type of book would need to be a hard cover book so that when it is changed it will need protect the contents. This would not be achieved using a paperback book or magazine.

i)            Quali sono gli aspetti positivi di questa azione? E quelli negativi?

Postives: using an old book to be used to protect valuable objects. Disguising your objects to prevent theft. Putting an unwanted book to good use.

Negatives: adding extra weight to carry around the same objects. Could be damaged and distored easily form being carried around everywhere.

j)            Come questa azione potrebbe essere migliorata, resa più facile, più piacevole, più efficace?

This action could be increased through the use of templates that can easily and quickly modify book sto carry different objects.

k)            E’ un azione finalizzata ad un risultato? Quale?

The final action is a book that can be used as a personal organizer and a way of keeping everything you own together.

l)            E’ un azine che implica un coinvolgimento emotivo?

Changing a book into a personal organizer may be difficult to do as if it is a valiable book, one may be hesitant to actually change it.

m)            L’azione modifica il supporto? In modo reversibile o irreversibile?

The action would not be reversable as the book would be changed for good.

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