Prendere il sole – Sulla barca



Nome azione: Prendere il sole

Declinazione specifica: Sulla barca


 Individuare a quale categoria appartiene l’azione

c) Azioni contestuali alla lettura:


1)Almeno 3 immagini

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2)Descrivere l’azione come se si stesse narrando uno storybord (200 parole max)

– Head out onto the deck of the boat

– Place towel down on sun bed and lie down

– Read for a while in the quiet, facing away from the sun as the rocking makes it hard to block the sun with the book.

– Use two hands to hold the book open as the wind attempts to change the page

– Arms get tired from holding the book or holding you up, so you rest and put the book down for a bit

– Rest your eyes and sleep a little.

3) indicare tre aggettivi che caratterizzano l’azione


 4) Individuare le seguenti caratteristiche.


a)            Coinvolge 1, 2 o più persone? (dettagliare 200 battute)

It involves ususally one person, although two people can ususally sunbathe and read together on a boat, although there would probably be very limited interaction between the two

b)            Richiede un oggetto per compierla? Quale? Come si usa?

Associated objects would probably be sunscreen to protect the skin while reading. Sun glasses to reduce glare and allow for easier reading.

c)            Si svolge in pubblico o in privato?

This would probably be done privately as boats are usually fairly private. Although if the user is reading on a cruise ship, it may be a more public environment.

d)            Quanto tempo richiede?

You would probably read for an hour or two. This activity is one that is not usualy consticted by time as you have very limited reasons to interfere with your reading.

e)            È una azione site specifica? In quale contesto si svolge?

This action is very much site specific. It is done on a boat or ship.

f)            Richiede una competenza specifica? Quale?

This action does not requie any specific skill apart from the ability to read.

g)            È un’azione legale o illegale?

The action is legal

h)            Come la lettura o il supporto (libro/rivista…) entrano in relazione  con l’azione? La coadiuvano,  la influenzano, la condizionano, la limitano,  la ostacolano… etc. ? (dettagliare 200 battute)

The type of material that one would read in this situation would probably would depend on the reader’s personal preferente. Although generally it would probably be a magazine or a book that has relatively light content as the environment would dictract the reader from time to time.

i)            Quali sono gli aspetti positivi di questa azione? E quelli negativi?

Positives; sun exposure, relaxation, fresh air, little excuse to do anything else. Negatives, sun burn, possible head stroke, wind, rain, water on your book

j)            Come questa azione potrebbe essere migliorata, resa più facile, più piacevole, più efficace?

This action could be improved through reducing the impact of wind, water, light or heat from the sun as all of these can negatively impact on how one reads while sunbathing on a boat.

k)            E’ un azione finalizzata ad un risultato? Quale?

The desired reult would be to be able to successfully read and to maximize the attention on reading, and minimize the negative impacts of being on a boat.

l)            E’ un azine che implica un coinvolgimento emotivo?

It is not particularly an action that implies emotional involvement.

m)            L’azione modifica il supporto? In modo reversibile o irreversibile?

The action would not change the support, it would be reversable.


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